Sailors were greeted with rather un-Sydney like cool southerly and sub 20o degree temperatures. Racing got underway at 1400hrs in 8-15knots (apparently). The days racing had multiple winners showing a great quality of the competition.





The first race went to the local crew Richie and Lisa sailing in The Nude after some tight competition from Guy and Lachie sailing OMFTB and Andre and Craig sailing Octopussy. Steve Miller and Lauren Bird sailing Phantom were absent after their rudder pin sheared off on the way to the start line.



OMFTB approaching the top mark with The Nude and Rocket Ship in close persuit 


Race 4 demonstrated to the fleet that weight doesn’t matter (poms take note) as the Tasmanian crew of  Cole and Clare sailing Cromarty Engineering took the win ahead of a weight conscious Guy Bancroft. Cole and Clare are still sporting the original alloy wings. The result was devastating for the Tassie crew of Robbie and Dave sailing The Hitcher who lead the entire race but lost out on the last lap following an intensive covering strategy of a split fleet.


Cromarty Engineering off the line with pace


In race 5, newcomers to the class Rick Plain and Alice Walker sailing Bang Bang sailed a perfect race to secure the win from Guy and Lachie in OMFTB and Ritchie and Lisa in the Nude.


Overall OMTB currently leads the fleet on a tidy 6 points, 4 ahead of The Nude on 10. Octopussy rounds out the top three a further two points adrift. With the racing tight and leaders board varied anything could happen in the final three days of racing. Stay tuned for more updates as racing continues at 1400 hrs tomorrow. Results below.




Tassie Boats keeping close together in the competition


Off the Water Shenanigans:

Rumours are going around the boat park suggesting that “All the cool kids” lift their rudders on the downwind to reduce drag. This new technique originated after one rather gullible Canberran took the conversation seriously after the Cole was marking lift heights on his centreboard and continued to suggest that he was going to begin marking his rudder to pull that up also. The response from the unnamed Canberran was “Shit, that’s what we have been doing wrong”. There is no doubt that in due course such rumours will spread across the seas to the remaining B14 sailors to ensure that the trend continues.


The Cromarty Engineering crew have had a massive recovery after snapping a wing yesterday and are looking hot to trot leading into day 3. Recovery techniques for Cole have included body slam massages from his crew Clare to ensure optimal performance leading into day three.


Part 1 of the Buggar the Bone extravaganza commenced after racing with the visiting UK expats coordinating a barn dance evening after a serving of steak sandwiches and a good soaking from “Friends of the Fridge”. Once the weather improves (over 25 degrees) round two of the Buggar the Bone Extravaganza will begin with a State of Origin style stand up paddle board competition between Tas, Vic, ACT, NSW and UK.



Leaky leads the way with his mum in the barn dance.




Photos thanks to Malcom McAully and Sophie Hunt


Boat SailNo Club HelmName CrewName Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4 Heat 5 Total Nett
One More For the Bone AUS 782 McCrae YC Guy Bancroft Lachlan Imeneo 1 1 -3 2 2 9 6
The Nude AUS 780 Woollahara SC Richie Reynolds Lissa McMillan 3 3 1 -9 3 19 10
Octopussy AUS 375 Canberra YC Andre Webster Craig Davidson 4 2 2 4 -9 21 12
Bang Bang AUS 371 Middle Harbour 16 Skiff Club Rick Plain Alice Walker 5 6 5 -7 1 24 17
The Hitcher AUS 372 Kingston Beach SC Robbie Hunt David McAully 2 4 8 3 -14 31 17
Bonework AUS 373 McCrae YC Scott Cunningham Rhenny Fermor 8 (19.0 DNC) 4 5 5 41 22
Rocketship AUS 792 Leven YC Adrian Beswick Jono LeBis 6 5 -9 6 7 33 24
Blown Seal AUS 779 McCrae YC Mark Lainson John Nolan 7 7 7 -12 6 39 27
Cromarty Engineering AUS 361 Port Dalrymple YC Cole Dabner Clare Cromarty (19.0 DNF) 19.0 DNC 6 1 4 49 30
Fairyland GBR 786 The Mote Gerry Brown Leaky 13 8 11 -14 8 54 40
Toxic AUS 374 Canberra YC Allen Graham James Reynolds 11 -13 10 10 10 54 41
Phantom AUS 367 Midway Point Yacht Club Stephen Miller Lauren Bird 9 9 (19.0 DNF) 13 11 61 42
Clean Skin AUS 781 McCrae YC Kelvin Boyle Amy Van Galan 10 12 -15 8 13 58 43
Usain Boat AUS 376 Canberra YC Nathan Reynolds Gavin Barwick 12 10 12 -15 12 61 46
Yellow Bone AUS 357 Woollahara SC Anthony House Luis Miranda 14 11 14 11 -15 65 50
Bondi Tram AUS 355 Midway Point Yacht Club Stephen Mitchell Adrianne Daly (19.0 DNF) 19.0 DNC 13 16 16 83 64
Orca Blush AUS 368 Woollahara SC Geoff Waldon Theo Small (19.0 DNF) 19.0 DNC 16 17 18 89 70
The Beast AUS 350 Woollahara SC Stan Bland Ralph Stanford (19.0 DNF) 19.0 DNC 17 18 17 90 71