After the class survey and some long discussion amongst the World Council I have the pleaure to announce that the class has chosen Centre Nautique De Plerin to host the 2013 World Championships. The event will take the form of a 3 day Europeans/Lay Day/5 Day World Championships over the 11th to 19th July 2013.

More details will follow over the coming weeks and months as we work to make this an event to remember.

This was a close decision with a lot of support for the Italian options. On the back of this we have secured in principle with Circlolo Velo Torbole, Garda for the Summer 2016 World Championships. 

We look forward to seeing if we can break the 50 boat mark in Plerin :)  Any questions and discussions please use the dedicated 2013 Worlds Message Board. 



Mayflower Sailing Club welcomed the B14 fleet to Plymouth over the weekend of 13th/14th October for the penultimate TT event of 2012.

With the top 2 teams from the recent Europeans in attendance and some new faces to join the fun the fleet received the usual warm welcome from Dave Curno and team for what was set to be an unusual but highly successful change in format.

"Parr for the Course" Another warm Essex welcome was extended to the B14 travellers last weekend.

Three hot teams arrived with bated breath. If there are going to be only three teams, you better make sure their kites coordinate and they did - beautifully!! Two teams fresh from the hotbed of the Plerin European Championships and one team from deep summer training in the Southern Hemisphere. The Barrier Reef can be pretty testing place for endurance skiff "reps".

Team 1: Al & Bazza in GBR766 HBR Consulting, (Rippling muscle and hair products)

Team 2: Nikki & Simon in GBR770 Harken (with all the best sailing hardware and a faithful guard dog to look after the investments)

& for once turning up before anyone else,

Team 3: Geraldino Fermor-Brown (no, don't laugh) and Leaky in GBR786 TORQ. (That's a fitness product available on the internet. Most of it being legal).

Once more the B14s took up the invitation to race at Thorpe Bay, though the rather late confirmation of the event had a drastic effect on the numbers actross all fleets.