White Ovi with Carbon mast and racks (Grand Prix). Hull, dry stored, carbon rig with mast bag, dagger board style rudder in excellent condition, foil bags, carbon tiler extensions, cleats moved to boat etc, hull professionally upgraded with carbon wings and regripped and refurbished 5 sails ago, top cover/bottom cover, roadbase, new Admiral alloy trolley only been in the water 6 times, boat breakers, boom, newish sheets, Advantage large kite bag. Other sails 1 Ulman main, North jib, North Kite. Lightly used in recent years, and for a long period with optional spares if the price was right. North London. Contact: Barry Price. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.£4,990.

Optional Spares: Carbon rig + mast bag; new dagger board used 4 times, foil bags one has only been out of the garage 4 times, 2nd set of carbon tiler extensions, 2 spare boat breakers, spare boom never been used, spare sheets set, extra long jib sheet for round the cans sailing in heavy wind. North sails 2 LGM-8 North mains, 1 LGM-5 main, 2 north jibs, , 2 North SS04 Kites (1 new never used)., 1 Ulman dacron jib, Tactik compass. North sails 2 LGM-8 North mains, 1 LGM-5 main, 2 LJG-3RK jibs, 1 LJG North jib, 3 SS04 Kites (1 new never been out of the bag). Other sails 1 Ulman main, 1 Ulman dacron jib. Spare new jib ratchet blocks + lots of other spares