Cunningham and Walker PDYC Blockbuster

The 2010 J Boag & Son Blockbuster weekend was another raging success. Though not as big as previous years have been the blockbuster again has been a crucial part of the Tasmanian and again the Victorian Road Show.

This years’ sailing provided some changes including new winners Scotty Cunningham and Jason Walker. They put on a big show proving that they are and will be a force to be reckoned with in Carnac at the up and coming worlds. With four straight bullets on Day 1 and another two on day 2 to follow up, Cunningham and Walker set the scene for what was the biggest upset for the Blockbuster and more so Guy Bancroft. This year is the first Blockbuster that Guy has attended and not won.


Scotty said “He could feel a chorus coming to mind to sing to Guy”, after the results of day one at the bar on Saturday night.

Two Rockstar Sailors, Joey Randell and Simon??? Xxxx sailed their borrowed Siren very well to finish in an extremely respective third position in behind Bancroft in second.

The remainder of the field got a shake up as crews have changed and the absence of other sailors was noticed. Chris Wells and Rani Dabner managed to get the first Tasmanian Placing outside of the top three in fourth position. Sailing reasonably consistently in the first two races, they had two shockers on the last two of day one, leaving Chris contemplating what on earth went wrong. Luckily enough they got it together again to wipe the slate clean by dropping their worst from day one.

The racing all weekend showed that the field is strong in the state and keeping well in contact as a bunch, though showed that the victorians, including Kelvin and Mikey, who might we comment are sailing extremely well in the moderate to heavy breezes, are sailing faster and smarter that their Tasmanian counterparts.

Hopefully the Tasmanians with a rigorous planned winter training schedule will be able to redeem themselves in the up and coming Victorian State Titles in March (20-21) along with the Nationals and again the Blockbuster in season 2010-2011.