The fleet lined up at the start line (Photo: Judi Marshall)


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Clean Skin, Epic and The Nude flying their kites (Photo: Kelly Atkins)


Race 1


After numerous general recalls, collisions aplenty on the line the attempts to get  race 1 underway in the morning were abandoned.

The sea breeze came at about eight knots and everyone stayed behind the line and behaved themselves for a clean start. Out of the block for brilliant stats were early warning Onemoreforthebone (OMFTB) and Siren.  The rest of the fleet split between the left and right with the right being slightly favoured. At the top mark for the first time The Nudist lead from Siren and OMFTB with the rest of the fleet following headed by Blown Seal, then Clean Skin and Early Warning.

Bad luck followed Phantom who decided it time to rest after the mark and wash the sails so Bondi Tram and Orca had to take evasive action.  A quick recovery with the kite up saw Steve and Earl start to slowly pull back up through the fleet.

Downwind all the all the boats were flying with all the crews hotting up their boats to get flat out rides.

Things went seriously pear shaped for the Clean Skins on the second lap when they followed Early Warning around the mark.  But, unfortunately Early Warning was slow to set the kite, was overtaken by Clean Skin (CS) who decided to do a gybe set which lined them up perfectly a massive collision.  CS was holed in both sides of the bow by Early Warning’s pole.

Over the line it was OMFTB forty seconds ahead of the Nude with Siren another twenty two seconds behind.  The rest of the fleet followed lead by Blown Seal, Early warning, Craftsman Homes, The Hitcher, Epic, Orca Blush, Yellow Bone, Bondi Tram, Phantom, B Alert,  Clean Skin retired very hurt.




Siren rounding the mark just in front of 1MFTBone (Photo: Kelly Atkins)



Phantom capsize (Photo: Judi Marshall)




Unfortunate collision between Clean Skin and Blown Seal (Photo: Kelly Atkins)



Siren hot on the heels of The Nude (Photo: Kelly Atkins)



Race 2

A clean start again in race 2 with the fleet up on the line for a quick getaway in around twelve to fifteen knots.  On the first leg the right of the course paid for Phantom, Orca Blush, Yellow Bone who were well up with the potential winners.  At the top mark it was OMFTB, Siren and the dazzling Yellow Bone.

Downwind a flyer for all with few changes in the positions, but the smaller crews were finding the increased loads from the stronger winds a challenge with heroic efforts by Rani Dabner in Epic and Adrianne Daly in Bondi Tram.

All the changes occurred in the next two laps.  The Nudist went right and made big gains on some of the early stars, but OMFTB led throughout.

OMFTB got the gun eight seconds in front of the Nude, with Siren sixteen seconds in arrears closely followed by the Hitcher (best ever performance at this level).  The rest of the fleet were led home by Blown Seal, Yellow Bone (a top result as well) Epic, Phantom, Craftsman Homes, Bondi Tram, B Alert, Orca Blush.  Clean Skin did not contest and Early Warning retired with gear failure.



Craftsman Home Skipper Adrian Beswick and Crew Clare Cromarty (Photo: Judi Marshall)



1MFTBone rounding the top mark (Photo: Kelly Atkins)



Blown Seal rounding the top mark (Photo: Kelly Atkins)



The youngest fleet Robbie Hunt and David McAully of The Hitcher (Photo: Kelly Atkins)



An unfortunate wine glass for Early Warning (Photo: Kelly Atkins)





Race 3


Got underway in a strengthening sea breeze on the western side of the bay. Great gains were made in the first lap from the crews that went hard left on the course. Rounding in first position after the first lap was Siren followed slightly back by 1MFTBone and Blown Seal in third. The Nude was a close 4th with Craftsman Homes and The Hitcher rounding out the top 6.

The first downwind was interesting with Craftsman Homes taking a dip to the middle of the bay picking up a big gust and carrying good depth down the track. The fleet was close together and made the most of the fresh winds hoisting kites across the fleet.

By the top mark of the second lap, Siren had pulled away from 1MFTBone and Craftsman Homes had taken a dip far left on the upwind and gained big time to get into third position. Rounding in 4th and 5th was Blown seal and The Nude with Epic getting up into 6th position. Clean Skin had got around the course well rounding in 7th closely followed by the Hitcher who suffered on the downwind to get around back in 7th position. Early warning went around in 8th with a large wineglass followed by yellow bone in 9th position. B Alert rounded out the top 10 at the top mark but capsized after an attempt at gybing.

Third lap saw Siren remain in the lead with 1MFTBone closing the gap after Siren got a wineglass on their hoist. Closely following behind was The Nude and Blown Seal. The Hitcher made good gains on lap 3 on the upwind but managed to go swimming on the downwind lap.

The final lap saw Siren get a second wineglass which allowed 1MFTBone to get through to take the win. Making matters worse Siren capsized on their final gybe to the finish allowing The Nude through to take second and Blown Seal 3rd Craftsman Homes got through the fleet again after a slightly better downwind and upwind work to get 4th with Clean Skin 5th and Siren recovering for a gallant 6th position after their capsize.



B alert coming around the top mark (Photo: Kelly Atkins)



Bondi Tram chasing down the fleet (Photo: Kelly Atkins)



Orca Blush with an unfortunate wine glass (Photo: Judi Marshall)



Yellow Bone's Anthony House and Luis Miranda closely followed by Epic's Chris Wells and Rani Dabner (Photo: Judi Marshall)



Clean Skin's quick repairs allowed a return for the third race of the day (Photo: Kelly Atkins)



AUS250 (B alert) rounding up the back of the fleet (Photo: Kelly Atkins)


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