The Harbour provided a typically Sydney welcome to the B14 National Titles, with an absolute plethora of Many ferries slicing through the race course. The ferry timetable seemed to be completely in synch with the B14 laps. Some boats had a closer look at the ferries than others, with ferry horns sounding out across the sparkling blue water.




Controversially, one B14 and one FD (who are jointly holding their Nationals with the B14s) were disqualified by the Race Officer for being too close to a ferry. Scotty Cunningham and Rhenny Fermor (Bonework, Vic) will be in mediation with the race director tomorrow morning seeking to have that call reversed.

Two races were held on Day One in South Easterly winds, averaging 15 knots. It was a corker of a day, with brilliant sunshine and 28°C. The conditions tested much of the fleet (particularly due to the ferries) with four not completing the first race and not commencing the second. Cole Dabner and Clare Cromarty (Cromarty Engineering, Tassie) were very unfortunate to break a wing just off the first start. The English visitors (Leaky and Gerry Brown) were so overwhelmed with the loss in the cricket, they tried to end it all twice: once capsizing in front of a ferry, and then again in front of a sea plane.

Apart from the ferries, the additional challenge of the south-easterly course was the inability to see the top mark from the start due to Shark Island being in the middle of the race track. It was fascinating to see which side of the island paid off, as your competitors finally reappeared from the far side.

Guy Bancroft and Lachlan Imeneo (One More for the Bone, Vic) showed their dominance on Day One, with a bullet in both races. The youngest team in the fleet, Robbie Hunt and David McAully (The Hitcher, Tassie) are sailing impressively, with a second in the first race (after a ferry-lull capsize) and a fourth in Race Two. At the other end of the spectrum, one of the older teams in the regatta (Richie Reynolds and Lissa McMillan, The Nude, NSW) got third in both races. Andre Webster and Craig Davidson (Octopussy, ACT) were fourth in the first race and second in Race Two.

Tomorrows racing is due commence at 1400hrs and winds are expected to be 10 to 15 knots from the south east. Stay posted for further updates.



Rank Boat SailNo Club HelmName CrewName Heat 1 Heat 2 Total Nett
1 One More For the Bone AUS 782 McCrae YC Guy Bancroft Lachlan Imeneo 1 1 2 2
2 Octopussy AUS 375 Canberra YC Andre Webster Craig Davidson 4 2 6 6
3 The Hitcher AUS 372 Kingston Beach SC Robbie Hunt David McAully 2 4 6 6
4 The Nude AUS 780 Woollahara SC Richie Reynolds Lissa McMillan 3 3 6 6
5 Rocketship AUS 792 Leven YC Adrian Beswick Jono LeBis 6 5 11 11
6 Bang Bang AUS 371 Middle Harbour 16 Skiff Club Rick Plain Alice Walker 5 6 11 11
7 Blown Seal AUS 779 McCrae YC Mark Lainson John Nolan 7 7 14 14
8 Phantom AUS 367 Midway Point Yacht Club Stephen Miller Lauren Bird 8 9 17 17
9 Fairyland GBR 786 The Mote Gerry Brown Leaky 12 8 20 20
10 Clean Skin AUS 781 McCrae YC Kelvin Boyle Amy Van Galan 9 12 21 21
11 Usain Boat AUS 376 Canberra YC Nathan Reynolds Gavin Barwick 11 10 21 21
12 Toxic AUS 374 Canberra YC Allen Graham James Reynolds 10 13 23 23
13 Yellow Bone AUS 357 Woollahara SC Anthony House Luis Miranda 13 11 24 24
14 The Beast AUS 350 Woollahara SC Stan Bland Ralph Stanford 19.0 DNF 19.0 DNC 38 38
15 Bondi Tram AUS 355 Midway Point Yacht Club Stephen Mitchell Adrianne Daly 19.0 DNF 19.0 DNC 38 38
16 Cromarty Engineering AUS 361 Port Dalrymple YC Cole Dabner Clare Cromarty 19.0 DNF 19.0 DNC 38 38
17 Orca Blush AUS 368 Woollahara SC Geoff Waldon Theo Small 19.0 DNF 19.0 DNC 38 38
18 Bonework AUS 373 McCrae YC Scott Cunningham Rhenny Fermor 19.0 DSQ 19.0 DNC 38 38