Knowing what life gives us is something that can only be known through a few different means: One to have it taken away or; two to have the humanity to give it with as many people that you can in a lifetime. Luke Cripps managed to full fill both of these in what many would describe as a full and wholesome life.

The B14 Association of Tasmania has recently been granted the opportunity to carry on the giving of life through new opportunities after a very generous gift passed onto the association after a tragic loss of to us a sailor but many others, a family member, soul mate, friend, bushwalker, kayaker, skier and many more. The gift that has been passed on is that of a boat, B14 103 which has seen many owners through its lifetime, including some of the classes’ greats such as Richie Reynolds a B14 stalwart. To honour Luke’s passing, the Association have set up the Cripps Project.


The Cripps Project is an initiative that aims to provide opportunities to people who might be interested in getting into a B14 for a year in the aim of buying a boat into the future. It will also give others, when available the chance to jump into a skiff to sail a one off regatta, something that Luke will be mostly remembered for.


First and foremost works must be acknowledged that have made such a project possible as this project would not have been able to be completed and maintained without the numerous hours that have gone into the restoration of the B14 by volunteers within the Association.

The first stage of the Cripps Project was to carry out a full refurbishment of the boat and bring it back to its former glory, ready for racing once more. This process was undertaken initially by Steve Mitchell who knows the older variety of the B14’s inside and out. The hull check and slight internal refurbishment went well which means into the future the boat will remain stiff for competitive sailing.

The second stage of the refurbishment was to prepare the cockpit with new deck foam and replace and update any fittings and systems that needed attention. Fairing of the rudder and centreboard was also a priority including a realignment of the rudder and centreboard ensuring maximum performance for the boat is maintained on the water.

The boat has a close to brand new set of sails that were put on the boat for the 2009 World Championships in Hobart. This will mean the crew which is chosen will have a great starting platform to begin racing. 


In the 2012-2013 Season, an opportunity presents itself for the first crew to apply through an application process to the Cripps Project to lease the B14. Applications will be assessed based on the merit of the given combined crew that best meets the criteria outlined to support the aims of the Cripps Project.



  1. Pay a lease fee, upfront cost of $600.00 and be a member of the Tasmanian B14 Association.
  1. Willing to sail at a current club where B14’s are sailed to ensure opportunities for learning are maximised
  1. An ongoing interest in skiff sailing keen to invest into the class in the future
  1. Compete at all the major events on the Tasmanian B14 Calendar including training and promotional events *2
  1. No less than a combined weight of 130 kilograms*1
  1. Have the capacity to maintain the boat to the standard that it is provided at the beginning of the lease throughout the season
  1. Present as a team sporting Cripps Project tops off the water and bibs on the water at all sailing regattas
  1. Support the ongoing Cripps Project through active promotion of the opportunity that is available to other sailors interested into the future
  1. Assist where required at training and promotional B14 events to help where required.

*1 Dependant on the skill level of the sailors this may be able to be negotiated

*2 If there are regattas that the crew cannot attend these should be named up in their application, if agreement for non-attendance is reached, the boat must be made available to be leased out for the regatta to ensure maximum attendance at all times.




Applications to the Cripps Project should be emailed to the below address no later than Friday 24 August 2012. Applications should include individual résumé’s of the skipper and crew; a letter of application; their sailing history and community involvement and; a brief response to each of the selection criteria.





This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International B14 Association of Tasmania

Attn: Adrian Beswick

Cripps Project Coordinator

Phone:0438 253 111