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GBR 788, Seavolution hull 0001 in build at Synthesize Group

UPDATED 9/9: more photos below

Photos were taken on the 26/08/2011. The two mouldings were bonded on the 31/08/2011, with the wings being fitted to the hull on the 02/09/2011. GBR 789, Hull 0002 is now in the moulds and both
boats should be ready for the Inlands at Queen Mary Sailing Club on the 1st and 2nd October. The hulls are being built in light grey rather than white to avoid the glare of the sun. The deck has been tweaked to remove the gaps in the outer kick bars, stainless steel mounts have been added for the wing horns and new hulls, on the basic fitout hull only, will come with foils aligned (supplied either by
Seavolution at a cost or by the new owner if upgrading the hull), fitting of blocks eye straps and post moulding grip applied which are over and above the previous basic hull supply specification.

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thumbGBR788deck02 thumbGBR788hull01


Further photos from 01/09/11:

thumbGBR788wingfitting1 thumbGBR788wingfitting2

 thumbGBR788wingfitting3 thumbGBR788wingfitting4