4th B14 World Championships 2003


Day 1 06/01/03


Competitors in the Sail Melbourne B14 World Championship at McCrae Yacht Club faced a long wait on day 1 as the racing was postponed from 1230pm until almost 630pm due to lack of breeze. When it finally filled in from 1100 the fleet scrambled to get a race in before the day's end.

Race 1


Guy & Rhys Bancroft (AUS) leapt off the start line after tacking onto port at the pin end and, capitalising on a late shift to the left, laid the first mark to lead Jono Pank/Shaun Barber (UK) and Alex Matthews/Ewan McLellan (UK) in 5-10knots of breeze. On the first downwind leg, the first three boats held on starboard tack to pick up some pressure and get a jump on the rest of the fleet, setting up a three way tussle for the lead. After the race committee moved the top mark to accommodate the wind change, the Bancrofts slowly eased ahead, upwind & down, to eventually win easily from Pank/Barber and Matthews/McLellan. Tim Fells/Dave Cunningham (UK) recovered from 6th at the first mark to take 4th position after slowly grinding down the leaders throughout the race. Only one of the two races scheduled was sailed with the race committee deeming 7.30pm too late to start a second race. As a result they will endeavour to sail three races tomorrow (Tuesday) in order to catch up. Two races per day are scheduled until Friday in order to complete 10 races in all.


Placings - Race 1;


1. Buggar the Bone, Guy & Rhys Bancroft (AUS)

2. Jono Pank & Shaun Barber (UK)

3. Alex Matthews & Ewan McLellan (UK)

4. Tim Fells & Dave Cunningham (UK)

5. Old Timer, Simon Nelson & Andy Ramus (UK)


Day 2 07/01/03


Race 2 of the Sail Melbourne B14 World Championship got underway this morning at 930am in a 5-10 knot NE breeze. The right side of the course was favoured in the runout tide with Parkes/Hunt (AUS350) getting hard right and rounding first at the top mark. 2nd was Jolliffe/Branch (GBR728) followed by Race 1 winners Bancroft/Bancroft (AUS357). The leaders split downwind but most stayed left of the rhumbline and at the bottom mark the top 6 boats remained close together. Parkes/Hunt again went to the right hand layline in an effort to replicate their 1st beat success. Sophie Hunt noted that they had good speed but seemed to lack height coming into shore on port tack and allowed the leading group to ease up inside them as they approached the layline. Ex World Champion, Tim Fells, took a dig into the left side of the course and subsequently dropped from 3rd back to 6th after gaining on the leaders downwind. Jolliffe/Branch came out in front by playing the shifts up the right side of the work. Downwind, Reynolds/McMillan (AUS368) caught the pack to be in a position to challenge the GBR teams of Fells/Cunningham (GBR758) and Nelson/Ramus (GBR764) and Parkes/Hunt who again headed for the right side up the next work. At the top mark the last time the Bancroft team lead Jolliffe/Branch and Reynolds/McMillan who were just ahead of Fells/Cunningham and Parkes/Hunt. The Bancrofts held starboard tack briefly downwind before gybing to keep tabs on the following boats. Jolliffe/Branch gybed straight away to try and get some of the pressure that had been coming off the shore intermittently throughout the race. This strategy paid off with them threatening the Bancrofts at the bottom mark. Jolliffe/Branch rounded the starboard side of the gate & headed left while Bancroft/Bancroft rounded the other end and went right up the short beat to the finish. The Bancroft boat got the better of this dual to cross the line for two first places in as many races. With eight races yet to be sailed the Bancroft, father/son team, have had an ideal start to the regatta but acknowledge that there is still a long way to go. Further racing has been postponed due to lack of wind and the race committee has indicated that they will review the situation at 1600.


Placings - Race 2;


1. Buggar the Bone, Guy & Rhys Bancroft (AUS)

2. Raymarine, Nils Jolliffe & Jon Branch (GBR)

3. The Nude, Richie Reynolds & Lissa McMillan (AUS)

4. AT&T, Tim Fells & Dave Cunningham (GBR)

5. Glashaus, Simon & Andy Ramus (GBR)

6. Hunt Leather, Abby Parkes & Sophie Hunt (AUS)


Overall after 2 heats


1. Buggar the Bone, Guy & Rhys Bancroft (AUS), 2pts

2. AT&T, Tim Fells & Dave Cunningham (GBR), 8pts

3. The Nude, Richie Reynolds & Lissa McMillan (AUS), 9pts

4. Glashaus, Simon & Andy Ramus (GBR), 10pts

5. Snatch, Jono Pank & Shaun Barber (GBR), 11pts


Race 3


After spending the day waiting for breeze the B14 fleet were rewarded with 18-22knots (gusting to 25) from 1800. Race 3 got underway at 1630 & the usual carnage ensued for this strength of breeze. Best off the start line was Matt Searle/Bell Bell (GBR725) at the boat end of the line and, after keeping tabs on the fleet who were all headed for shore on starboard tack, they rounded the first mark in the lead. The other UK team of Pank/Barber (GBR746) were close behind and Gosford boat, Teaz (AUS356) sailed by Peter Ray/Gareth Wells were chasing them. Searle/Bell were slow to drop their kite at the bottom mark allowing Pank/Barber & Ray/Wells through. Fells/Cunningham (GBR758) capsized at the bottom mark as did Hansen/Ellis (AUS362). The Bancroft team (AUS357) fought their way back into contention up the 2nd work and the next downwind leg saw Fells/Cunningham begin their move back to the leading group.


A feature of the race was the incoming tide which caused several boats to have near misses rounding the top mark & many left their gybe too late to come into the bottom gate. The Bancrofts & Fells/Cunningham capitalised on the mistakes of others to sail their way into 2nd & 3rd, behind Pank/Barber. Ray/Wells ditched it at the bottom mark the last time & subsequently slipped back to 8th place after a solid race in the top 3.


Placings - Race 3;


1. Snatch, Pank/Barber (GBR746)

2. Buggar the Bone, Guy & Rhys Bancroft (AUS357)

3. AT&T, Tim Fells & Dave Cunningham (GBR758)

4. The Nude, Richie Reynolds & Lissa McMillan (AUS368)

5. Sprint, Searle/Bell (GBR725)

6. Raymarine, Nils Jolliffe & Jon Branch (GBR728)


Race 4


Race 4 started in similar conditions after Race 3 was completed. Fells/Cunningham came off the pin end with good speed &, despite having to stop to swing their rudder back down halfway up the work, managed to lead to the 1st mark. They were followed down the first run by Searle/Bell, Pank/Barber, Bancroft/Bancroft & Ray/Wells. All headed left again up the 2nd work looking for shallow, flat & less tidal water. Places were more or less maintained until a brief squall hit the fleet up the 3rd work causing crews to scramble to stay upright. The Bancroft team showed that they were human by capsizing after the top mark but managed to get upright in time to lose only one place. Fells/Cunningham sailed well to win the race from Searle/Bell, Pank/Barber and the Bancrofts who still maintain their lead in the 10 race series.  


Placings – Race 4;


1. AT&T, Tim Fells & Dave Cunningham (GBR758)

2. Sprint, Searle/Bell (GBR725)

3. Snatch, Pank/Barber (GBR746)

4. Buggar the Bone, Guy & Rhys Bancroft (AUS357)

5. Teaz, Ray/Wells (AUS356)

6. Glashaus, Simon Nelson & Andy Ramus (GBR764)


Overall after 4 heats (no discard);


1. Buggar the Bone, Guy & Rhys Bancroft (AUS357), 8pts

2. AT&T, Tim Fells & Dave Cunningham (GBR758), 12pts

3. Snatch, Jono Pank & Shaun Barber (GBR746), 15pts

4. Sprint, Searle/Bell (GBR725), 21pts

5. The Nude, Richie Reynolds & Lissa McMillan (AUS368), 21pts

6. Glashaus, Simon Nelson & Andy Ramus (GBR764), 28pts


Day 3 Wednesday 08/01/03


After spending the morning waiting to be sent out onto the racecourse, the B14 fleet have just been advised that racing has been cancelled for today due to excessive breeze. The race committee spent the morning monitoring conditions on the race course and, after consultation with the sailors, have decided to attempt to run 4 races tomorrow commencing at 930am.


Day 4 Thursday 09/01/03


Day 4 of the Sail Melbourne B14 World Championship provided an opportunity to resail the two races that had been abandoned due to excessive wind conditions on day 3.


Race 5


Race 5 got underway in the remnants of the southerly front that had caused the cancellation of the previous day's racing.10 knots of SW breeze saw the fleet get away on time at 930am. Searle/Bell (GBR725) started at the pin end and went left before tacking to cross the fleet on port up the first work. As a result they led from start to finish. It was another good day for the UK team with Pank/Barber (GBR746) & Fells/Cunningham (GBR758) battling the current series leaders, Guy & Rhys Bancroft (AUS357), around the course. On the last downwind leg, Simon Nelson/Andy Ramus (GBR764) held on, on starboard tack, to carry pressure into the bottom gate, putting them in 2nd behind Searle/Bell at the finish.


Placings - Race 5;;


1. Sprint, Searle/Bell (GBR 725)

2. Glashaus, Nelson/Ramus (GBR764)

3. Snatch, Pank/Barber (GBR746)

4. Buggar the Bone, Bancroft/Bancroft (AUS357)

5. AT&T, Fells/Cunningham (GBR758)  


Race 6


Race 6 was sailed in the same strength of breeze with Pank/Barber getting off the line well (though later being deemed OCS then even later being reinstated) to lead Hansen/Ellis (AUS362) into the top mark. Newcomers to the class, Ross Daley/Brendan Druery (AUS364) were 3rd (but were also OCS), followed by the Bancrofts, Fells/Cunningham (GBR758) and Nelson/Ramus (GBR764). A feature of the race was the variation in direction & strength of breeze which kept crews hopping between the wing & foredeck upwind.


After having a disastrous start & being last at the first mark, Richie Reynolds & Lissa McMillan (AUS368) sailed through the fleet with their usual blistering downwind speed to finish 5th.  


Placings - Race 6;;


1. AT&T, Fells/Cunningham (GBR758)

2. Buggar the Bone, Bancroft/Bancroft (AUS357)

3. (Reinstated) Snatch, Pank/Barber (GBR746)

4. Raymarine, Jolliffe/Branch (GBR728)

5. Sprint, Searle/Bell (GBR 725)

6. The Nude, Reynolds/McMillan (AUS368)


Race 7


8-12knots from the south saw race 7 underway at 2pm after a lunch break. Two Australians featured at the front with the Bancroft team leading (though unknowingly OCS) from Gosford sailors Peter Ray & Gareth Wells (AUS356). The UK contingent were close behind though and showed their strength downwind with pank barber leading into the bottom mark from Searle/Bell. Searle/Bell passed Pank/Barber up the next work & the Bancrofts succumbed to a broken rudder pintle. McLellan/matthews (GBR687) came from 7th at the top mark to take 4th place up the work after playing the shifts up the left side of the course. On the next downwind leg the ever-present Fells/Cunningham picked up some pressure to round close behind Pank/Barber with Searle/Bell in third. Places remained the same with Searle/Bell & fells Cunningham splitting the bottom gate to tussle for 2nd at the finish line. Fells/Cunningham crossed in 2nd place but later discovered they were OCS. Local sailors Ian & Scott Cunningham chose this race to show their hand with a fast finishing 6th.  


Placings - Race 7;


1. Snatch, Pank/Barber (GBR746)

2. Sprint, Searle/Bell (GBR 725)

3. Beercan, McLellan/Matthews (GBR687)

4. Masters Apprentices, Plain/Plain (AUS313)

5. Teaz, Ray/Wells (AUS356)

6. Warlord, Cunningham/Cunningham (AUS354)  


Race 8


Race 8 commenced back to back with race 7 to make for a long day on the water. To add to the fun the southerly kicked up to about 15-18 knots. Aussie sailors Hansen/Ellis (AUS362) capsized on the start line at the committee boat end with 30 seconds to go, causing Searle/Bell & Pank/Barber to scramble and tack away to get a clear start. Fells/Cunningham started at the pin end & were lee-bowed by Nelson/Ramus (GBR764). Pank/Barber crossed the fleet after nailing the port layline to round first followed by Searle/Bell & Fells/Cunningham who had worked up the middle. Downwind, Pank/Barber gybed first & took good pressure down to the bottom mark to have a lead of 150m. Searle/Bell & Fells/Cunningham rounded opposite sides of the bottom gate and Fells worked the shifts up the middle to not only pass Pank Barber, but carve out a 2 minute lead by the top mark. Fells later described this work as "the perfect beat". Downwind again, Pank & Searle headed for the left side & Searle/Bell gybed inside to lead into the gate. Up the 3rd work Searle had closed on Fells to be within spitting distance & Pank/Barber headed into shore & lost out slightly. Hansen/Ellis & the Plain brothers (AUS313) had meanwhile closed the gap on the leaders after being well back. Most of the leaders went to the right downwind the last time & overlaid slightly when a squall came through. The Bancrofts, who were holding down 4th position, went left & looked threatening for a while, but Hansen/Ellis benefited from nailing the layline on port. Hansen/Ellis rounded on Pank/Barber's lee-bow & a very close battle ensued up the final short work.  


Placings - Race 8;


1. AT&T, Fells/Cunningham (GBR758)

2. Sprint, Searle/Bell (GBR 725)

3. Priority Powder Coating, Hansen/Ellis (AUS 362)

4. Buggar the Bone, Bancroft/Bancroft (AUS357)

5. Masters Apprentices, Plain/Plain (AUS313)

6. Snatch, Pank/Barber (GBR746)


Going into the final 2 races, to be held tomorrow morning, a four way battle has developed. With the top three boats separated by only 2 points, after dropping their worst 2 heats, some tension is anticipated at the starting line tomorrow morning.


Provisional series results after 8 of 10 races (2 discards)


1. Snatch, Pank/Barber (GBR746), 13pts

2. AT&T, Fells/Cunningham (GBR758), 14pts

3. Buggar the Bone, Bancroft/Bancroft (AUS357), 14pts

4. Sprint, Searle/Bell (GBR 725), 17pts

5. Raymarine, Jolliffe/Branch (GBR728), 34pts

6. The Nude, Reynolds/McMillan (AUS368), 36pts  


Day 5 Friday 10/01/03


The final day of the Sail Melbourne B14 World championship was a tense affair with 4 boats in contention for the title with 2 races to be sailed. At the end of 8 races the UK team of Jono Pank/Shaun Barber held a slim lead, after having an OCS decision reversed late yesterday, over Tim Fells/Dave Cunningham (UK) and Guy & Rhys Bancroft (AUS) who were tied for 2nd position. Another 2 points back were Matt Searle/Rich Bell (UK).


Race 9


At the 930am start time a 5 knot SE breeze saw the fleet underway. Most headed for the shore which had proved to be favoured throughout the regatta. As the first leg progressed the wind died and then came back from the right side of the course. Fells/Cunningham were buried at the start while the Bancroft team worked up the middle tending left. At the first mark, Tasmanian team, Adrian & John Beswick (AUS104) flew the flag for Australia rounding on the heels of Nils Jolliffe & Jon Branch (GBR728). Fells/Cunningham picked the pressure early and headed right to recover to about 10th position at the first mark. The Bancrofts also recovered well downwind to be 2nd by the bottom mark and initially headed to the right side up the next work. Ewan McLellan/Alex Matthews (GBR687) and Fells/Cunningham were the big movers up the 2nd work, playing the shifts to the left of the course to reel in Jolliffe/Branch. Searle/Bell (GBR725) had also recovered well after suffering up the first work to be amongst the leaders. On the last lap of the course McLellan/Matthews consolidated their lead while Jollife/Branch had an altercation with the Bancrofts at the bottom gate which left the Bancroft team in the drink.


Placings - Race 9;


1. Beercan, McLellan/Matthews (GBR687)

2. AT&T, Fells/Cunningham (GBR758)

3. RayMarine, Jolliffe/Branch (GBR728)

4. Sprint, Searle/Bell (GBR 725)

5. The Nude, Reynolds/McMillan (AUS368)

6. Buggar the Bone, Bancroft/Bancroft (AUS357)

7. Snatch, Pank/Barber (GBR746)


Race 10


Fells/Cunningham started the final race with a 2 point buffer in 5-10knots from the SE. The Bancrofts started near the boat on the lee-bow of Fells/Cunningham, gradually forcing the Brits to tack away to clear their air. Pank/Barber started in the middle of the line and tacked half way to the layline to cross most of the fleet. At the first mark Pank/Barber rounded in front of the Bancrofts, followed by Hansen/Ellis (AUS362) and Parkes/Hunt (AUS350). The Bancrofts gybed early to head away from shore. After rounding the bottom gate Fells/Cunningham headed left, playing the shifts to recover from 10th to round behind Searle/Bell who promptly hit the mark and had to do a 3600. Parkes/Hunt, Pank/Barber, Nelson/Ramus and the Bancrofts followed close behind with all carrying starboard tack down close to the bottom gate. Up the final long work most of the leaders went left while the Bancrofts split to the right knowing that they needed to be at least two places ahead of Fells/Cunningham to take the series. Unfortunately for the locals this didn't pay off and Fells/Cunningham lead to the top mark the final time with a good minute between them and 2nd placed Searle/Bell. Down the last run several boats benefited from pressure moving down the course to close the gap on the leaders. Up the final short work to the finish, Nelson/Ramus capitalised by rounding the inshore side of the gate and picking up a little shift to the left which allowed them to cross Searle/Bell (as did Pank/Barber) and finish 2nd.


Fells/Cunningham crossed first to take out the World Championship by 5 points form Pank/Barber, Bancroft/Bancroft and Searle/Bell.


Placings - Race 10;


1. AT&T, Fells/Cunningham (GBR758)

2. Glashaus, Nelson/Ramus (GBR764)

3. Snatch, Pank/Barber

4. Sprint, Searle/Bell (GBR 725)

5. Masters Apprentices, Plain/Plain (AUS313)  



Overall series results;


1. AT&T, Fells/Cunningham (GBR 758), 17pts

2. Snatch, Pank/Barber (GBR 746), 22pts

3. Buggar the Bone, Bancroft/Bancroft (AUS 357), 24pts

4. Sprint, Searle/Bell (GBR 725), 25pts

5. RayMarine, Jolliffe/Branch (GBR 728), 45pts

6. Glashaus, Nelson/Ramus (GBR 764), 47pts

7. The Nude, Reynolds/McMillan (AUS 368), 50pts