Day 2 at the B14 Europeans dawned with little expectation of sailing due to a forecast for an offshore force 6-7. However after Friday's lack of racing the RO was keen to get a race in, so the fleet launched into borderline conditions with the slight (misplaced) reassurance of a large wind shadow from the cliffs in the offshore breeze.

After a short postponement most of the fleet started into a consistent 22-25 kts, with the remainder of the fleet capsizing, cartwheeling or partially sinking on the startline. The fleet spread across the course with most of the favourites heading left to flatter water.

At the windward mark top French team Alain and Francois Cadre led from newlyweds Mark Watts and Kathy Sherratt, with a group of boats in close contention. Downwind Watts and Sherratt nailed the layline and led and at the gate before attempting a frankly ludicrous 2 sail gybe into the gate mark, the ensuing swim let the Cadre team through to the lead.

On lap 2 the breeze was up leading to numerous inexplicable stories of attacks of large marine creatures causing various acrobatic dismounts. Casualties included team Neil Pryde (Mark Emmett and Allan Stewart) who kindly videoed the event with the immortal commentary of "I'm not sure I want to gybe here...". Tony Blackmore and Chinscar took the lead with a stellar display of downwind sailing in the extreme conditions. Alan Davis and Toby Barsley-Dale (50 North) were battling with the Cadres for 2nd.


On lap 3 some more sailing related stuff happened and the race finished. Blackmore and Char were met with eerie silence at the finish line (except for the flogging foc) due to being deemed OCS. So the provisional results were the Cadres in 1st followed by Davis/Barsley-Dale in 50 North and Emmett/Stewart in Neil Pryde in 3rd. Only half the fleet finished and the local composite and sailmaking experts were in high demand. The Centre Nautique de Plerin excelled themselves once again with a huge paella for eighty people.   More moderate conditions are forecast for Sunday.