When we arrived at the designated pack up area I thought it had a good feel to it. 

I was surrounded by willing helpers including obliging terminal staff, it was not raining, it was not even windy, the sun shone and the temp mild, just about perfect for our work. 

Subsequently, things mostly fell into place, two containers with 12 and 3 boats respectively. Something like 17 masts, 3 spare trolleys, 15 sets of wings,heaps of misc stuff and a system that worked pretty much like clockwork. All done in just over 5 hours!

Special thanks to the crew who slogged out the full 5 hours, Kate (and thanks for the coffees), Lissa, Richie, Andre, Ian, Kelvin (+staff member Scotty).. Gracey for grabbing the tassie boats and Loutit who stayed longer then he should have. Other delivery boys Garmston (good on insurance stuff) and Nick Darlow who's quietly responsible for the management of all things transport.  Kelvin too for his work on the Carnet. 

Geoff drew the shortest straw for trolley failures (we have photo evidence) and subsequently owes the 7 full time packers a least a coffee each!!

So if the sailing gods are with us then we are off to a fair start and now in the hands of others. I'm sure Nick will be keeping a keen eye on progress. 

Happy days, keep fit and see yous in Garda. 

Ci vediamo a Garda.