Seavolution the suppliers of the B14 and its primary suppliers are pleased to announce that they will be sponsoring the B14 fleet at 4 pursuit events this winter. This is in reflection to the support the fleet has shown through 2011 when the B14 build switched from Ovington Boats to Seavolution with hulls built by Synthesize Group.

The events are:

Each supplier will be awarding prizes for their designated event and, overall prizes will be supplied by Seavolution, Synthesize Group and Advantage Sails.

The format will be low point scoring with 3 events to count out of 4.

Some of the new Seavolution B14s will be on show participating at the events.

See the forum for more information, advice on accomodation etc.

Photos from (and coypright) Roland Trim of the Cherub fleet. Not all great (his words) but there's some good ones, especially from the final race and after



Sunday. Waiting for wind. Click for biggerUp-and-coming B14 Aussie, Scott Cunningham travelled from Melbourne to compete in the B14 Inlands at Queen Mary Sailing Club this weekend.

The new Seavoultion B14 had its first showing amongst the fleet. The new B14, now built by Synthesize and fitted out by Seavolution, really looked the business, a good quality finish and a well thought out fit out - it certainly looks destined to be a winner in the right pair of hands.

A reminder to one and all that the UK Inland Championships, final 2011 TT and end-of-season celebration is just two weeks away - 1st and 2nd October - at Queen Mary SC, west London. You might be thinking "should I stay or should I go?" well it'll be a (white) riot. Demonstrate that you know your rights and that you don't train in vain, or go straight to hell*.


For those that haven't decided to come yet, the details (sorry they're a bit, um, last minute) are on the forum.

Hopefully the wind will be better than currently forecast, but it will almost certainly be sunny and warm regardless of what happens. The social? Should be good, but we need YOU there to make it so.