The B14 is an ISAF International Class and the organisation of the class is global.

World Council

The World Council co-ordinate the actions of the individual National Class Associations and ensure that the international one-design status of the class is sustained.

The World Council are funded by the National Class Associations and they, in turn, fund the international elements of the class including the website.


  • International Class President and Australian President: Lissa McMillan
  • European Chairman: Rob Taylor
  • European Vice Chairman: Tony Blackmore
  • European Technical Officer: Paul Roberts
  • Australian Technical Officer: Guy Bancroft
  • Australian Measurer: Dylan Cardwell

National Class Associations

The class has boats in many countries around the world including Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and the USA. The major fleets are in Northern Europe and Australasia.