The final results are in and are attached in the form of a spreadsheet if your interested in the numbers.  For those that are just interested in position here's a cut down version of the list:


Position Sail No. Helm Crew Boat Name
1st 771 Mike Bees Martin Worth Blue Badge
2nd 795 Mark Barnes Charlotte Jones Gul/North Sails
3rd 791 Mark Watts Chris Bishop Flying Donkey
4th 787 Alan Davis Richie Bell Troublegum
5th 786 Gerry Fermor Chris 'Leaky' Fermor Torq


6th 772 Kathy Sherratt Declan Clamp/ Alex Horlock Trunky
7th 796 Nick Craig Tom Pygall/ Toby Lewis Harken/ Sandiline
8th 758 Tim Harrison Johnny Ratcliffe Anthill Mob
9th 769 Dan Cowin Dan Hollands / Tom Gatehouse Daddy Boat
10th 770 Simon Hadley Nikki Hadley  
11th 757 Piers Lambert/ Graham Bridle Alex Capon Mrs C
12th 764 Tony Blackmore Naomi Pound VR Sport/ Flowerpower
13th 707 Amir Shamsuddin/ Iain Horlock Alex Horlock /Amir  WABS
14th 756 Carl Raynes  Guy Raynes / Giff Customised Composites
15th  783 Henry Wells Ben Heathcote Spartan Wetsuits
16th 768 James Gardner Anne Gardner PSB Repairs
17th  775 Jasper Barnham Johnny Ratcliffe  
18th= 724 Steve Hollingsworth Elliot Holman  
18th= 788 Josh Wilce Will Hall Seavolution
20th 762 Crispin Taylor Guy Harrill ASBO
21st 735 Tom Gatehouse Kate Gatehouse Fluorescent Adolescent
22nd 681 Liam Willis Abbey Keightley Hanson  
23rd 784 Stephen Barnes Simon Reynolds Neil Pryde
24th  754 Brandon Hastings Tyler Stonebridge Hills Group
25th  790 Andrew Thompson Charlotte Harris All Good Fun


Download this file (B14 GUL Series 2016 results.xls)B14 Gul Series 2016 Results[B14 Gul Series 2016 Results]35 kB