Whilst many have packed up for the winter with their the precious racing dinghies in garages or under cover, a sizeable hardy lot enjoy the GJW Sailjuice series thought the bleak winter. However, a group of B14s have headed down under to Port Dalrymple Yacht Club at Beauty Point in Tasmania for the Petuna and Bell Bay Aluminium B14 Open Australian Nationals from the 28 – 30th December and Tamar Cove and CST Composites B14 Worlds from the 02– 06th January 2018,


Team GBR is aiming to wrestle the B14 Ashes off of the Aussies who won the last event at Lake Garda in 2016.


The event will be held in waters similar to that of Whitstable Bay/The Swale at the top of the Tamar River in Bell Bay.


Led by GBRs two current quickest B14s, Team Harken (Nick Craig/Toby Lewis) and Team GUL/North Sails (Mark Barnes/Lauren Keil (guest crew for Char Horlock)), they will be taking no prisoners. Some stealth training may well be in order prior the shout out


The question is, will the two top GBR teams be able to do make a successful raid and catch the Aussies on the hop. With little to chose between the top 2 GBR and top 5 Aussie teams, there will no doubt be an element of luck as well as skill to see who stands tall come the final showdown. One thing is certain the fat lady will not be singing till the last throw of the dice.


Lets hope Team GBR can do a better job than our cricket team


During the events there will be daily script and video reports from Team Beswick (Adrian and John) our formidable hosts snd Chairman for the stopover


Enjoy a great Christmas in Blighty and we’ll be enjoying an Aussie Christmas down under