3 B14s with spinnakers up at SBSC in 2022
SBSC Skiff Open 2022 (c) Lotte Johnson
Photography - Garda 2023
We have been able to secure Lotte Johnson as our photographer for the event at a very reasonable cost subject to some futher negotiations. She is a very experienced marine photograher and I'm sure will produce some great drone and camera footage. I am expecting to secure a deal where all participants will have access to pictures of their boat included.


As you can appreciate, there is a great deal of financial pressure on the class association bank balance. Additionally, we felt as a committee, that it wasn't reasonable for the association to pay the full amount using money collected from many whom are unable to attend.
Therefore we have decided to ask each boat to make a £20 voluntary contribution to the photography costs with the class associations of UK & Australia picking up the remainder on a 70/30% split basis.
Please PM me if you are intending to come to Garda, but have a concern about paying.

We will also be asking 4 or 5 competators a day to sail with the Barnsie Go-pro... my dreadful tacks will now be publically available!

We now have 8 UK teams signed up for shore support, measuring etc. The three 'musketeers' are planning the social events, one famous B14 helm said that he's going to need a spare liver by the end of the regatta!