Girl Power Triumphs in Full on Conditions


The B14 fleet rocked up at Lee-on-Solent for what was scheduled to be a nice 12 – 14 knots. What the fleet, sharing the course with the Mustos, was in fact a force 4 – 5 with short steep seas. So a full on day on the water, with nearly all teams in both fleets checking out the tide.


A large number of photos from the Nationals


Credit to Stewart Aplin of AplinClark for taking these. I have the super-high-res versions of all of these.

whit12_5sTwo reports for you, one from Leaky, one from Beezer. Leaky gets to go first, as I got his first - Al:


Okayyy, Here's the race report for the Whitstable "very open" event. The "must be there to get the training in before the NATIONALS" event. Yup there it was. All the hotshots simple oozing testostrogen and other illegal hormones, ready to do battle as they square-up and face-down the opposition ready for Beer, next weekend.


Yes, it is just one week before the Nationals, so some of you might be a little hesitant about the shallow waters of the outer Thames estuary, but Whitstable always extends a warm welcome with well run racing, and it will be the Nationals venue for 2013. The Notice of Race is available in MS Word and Adobe PDF flavours.

For those wanting more Whitstable, Mark Barnes has offered to run a training session the weekend before- see the forum for details