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Robbie is on the mend and getting everything back to normal following his run in with a sausage a bit over a week ago. Now back to building up his strength and fitness as well as putting on the weight he lost the last week. Next on the list is the SB20 Nationals this march long weekend. Robbie will be one to watch at next years National championships. With more opportunity to train, a southern Tasmania, home ground advantage will surely lead to good things!


See you alll soon.

Rocketship powering off downwind

Rocketship Takes home the state championship following tough and drawn out competition over the weekend.

The Fleet

The Fleet getting ready for racing, Kingston Beach Tasmania, Photo: Lynn Keil


The Tasmanian B14 State Championships got underway at Kingston Beach Sailing Club today following the build up to the regatta over the last two weeks. The following two and a half hours of floating around and a large amount of frustration from PRO Peter Gore and top mark mover and shaker Chris Keil, the fleet finally got off to a start in a strengthening 15 knot Northerly, peaking at 23 Knots.

Robbie looking better

The news is positive today for Robbie’s road to recovery following a bout of bad sausage. Robbie is back on solids and managed to get down a reasonable meal this evening with the rest of the fleet. With colour back in his face and a lemonade in hand, Robbie is doubtful of a return to the race track tomorrow, but was excited to see his boat doing well in his absence anyway. More news on the Hunt watch tomorrow.