Sailors were greeted with rather un-Sydney like cool southerly and sub 20o degree temperatures. Racing got underway at 1400hrs in 8-15knots (apparently). The days racing had multiple winners showing a great quality of the competition.



The Harbour provided a typically Sydney welcome to the B14 National Titles, with an absolute plethora of Many ferries slicing through the race course. The ferry timetable seemed to be completely in synch with the B14 laps. Some boats had a closer look at the ferries than others, with ferry horns sounding out across the sparkling blue water.


The Hitcher Strides to victory at the Tasmanian State Championships





The Blockbuster

Class newcomers Robbie Hunt and David McAully sailed brilliantly to take out the eight race series with an almost flawless score line and after drops they achieved perfection.  Fortunately, for them their boat  The Hitcher did not turn into horror/thriller ride like the film.