As your all aware, this years National championships are being held at the Tamar Yacht Club from December 30 2012 through to January 5th 2013. The championships are being run on Bell Bay at Beauty Point. It will be the second time that the championships have been held in the North of the state with the last time being the 2004-2005 season.


The Notice of Race and Entry form can be found at the following link: Notice of Race


Club Website:


More information to follow.

Knowing what life gives us is something that can only be known through a few different means: One to have it taken away or; two to have the humanity to give it with as many people that you can in a lifetime. Luke Cripps managed to full fill both of these in what many would describe as a full and wholesome life.

The B14 Association of Tasmania has recently been granted the opportunity to carry on the giving of life through new opportunities after a very generous gift passed onto the association after a tragic loss of to us a sailor but many others, a family member, soul mate, friend, bushwalker, kayaker, skier and many more. The gift that has been passed on is that of a boat, B14 103 which has seen many owners through its lifetime, including some of the classes’ greats such as Richie Reynolds a B14 stalwart. To honour Luke’s passing, the Association have set up the Cripps Project.


Day three got underway after an hour of West to North Easterly inconsistent wind.